Monday, July 2, 2012

2nd Blog

guys as u know im no longer active in this blog, i moved to tumblr and decided to go back as a blogger but created the new one. go check it out!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


for some reason i've been so busy lately and my wi-fi network doesn't work really well, so i was decided to turn my blog to Tumblr cause its easier to me to blogging via my iPhone. so im no longer will be posted in here but on my Tumblr :

go check it out!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

summer sale is everywhere, and school is over. holiday i heart you!!!
yesterday i went to Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia -- my favorite mall destination for do some retail therapy. well, i was so excited cause from June 22 to July 22 is Jakarta Great Sale held. so i was checking out every boutique and retail shop at those two fab mall. fyi, i was wearing a blue long sleeve t-shirt, pink shorts with suspender and Mulberry Alexa satchel.

at Forever 21, i spotted some cute rings and earring, die for shoes and summer appropriate cropped top.
at Zara i found a lot of colorful things, but my favorites are neon pink tight skirt, yellow pumps and red envelope bag.
at On Pedder, a lot of things were catch my breath. first, brown strappyTory Burch wedges. then skull accessories from Alexander McQueen. black mary jane pumps with killer platform and heels from Louboutin and suede white&blue Louboutin espadrille. the last but not least, pink crocodile sunglasses from Linda Farrow. those are die for!!!
then i went to OPI, im tellin u guys that nail art is huge this season. so if u wanna hv a nail art without go to nail salon, i assume u to buy one of OPI shatter nail polish.
at Lanvin, i found a purple dress that Natalie Portman wore at Golden Globes award 2011 (as i remember).
and good news for us, Givenchy is already open at Plaza Indonesia. more boutiques coming soon: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Balenciaga.

i bought a blue asymmetrical tank top from Cotton Ink, a pair of jeans from Dr.Denim Jeansmaker and neon pink nail polish from The Face Shop. if money were not an object i'd buy my favorites items on On Pedder yesterday :p

well, u should check out ur favorite store by yourself for ur own satisfaction. and.... happy holiday baby, enjoy the summer sale :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Holiday is Started!

summer holiday is just started baby!!! on the 1st week of my holiday, i spent one night at Ritz Carlton with my friends and hung out with them the day before and after i stayed at Ritz Carlton. so these are my outfits for my summer holiday. pic above, i wore a multicolor plaid jacket, Forever 21 blue tank top and gold accessories. lets play with color!
then i went dress down on the 2nd day at Ritz Carlton. i wore my brother's Zara denim shirt, skinny jeans, green flap Chanel bag, and Guess watch.
i wore white top and black sequin tiered skirt for dance performance. and Sandra wore a Zara white dress and snakeskin platform from Charles&Keith.

tank tops are so appropriate and my favorite for this summer. hope this post might be inspired you. stay stylish :)

Monday, June 20, 2011


ok this post is had nothing in common with fashion. its about my personal life. i've been in a rough year honestly, a lot of pressure, awful problems and bad things came out. but i think it will end this summer. and its true, its ended this summer. i should've happy about it, but the way it ends its not what i pray for. cause i had to loose my friends. satya (the boy who wore a glasses), bono (the boy standing next to satya) and toto (not pictured). i loose toto because he didnt pass the exam week so he had to stay on 10th grade while others are happy being a 11th grader. so sad huh? different with toto, satya and bono had to leave our school cause they got kicked out because of a problem that they actually are not the guilty person. they're truly innocent bout it.
actually they have a second chance to stay or not to get kicked out but they already hate bout the way the teachers act to em, so they decided to move to another school. and last saturday we had a so damn sad farewell party at Garden.
i've never been this sad about loosing my boy friends. ive been down this situation before back in the days while i was junior high school. but i wasnt that sad. maybe because now i lost satya and bono. i barely got close with them. satya is the most wise friends ive ever had. he's also kind, gentlemen, charming, silly, confident and such a great leader of our generation. he's also had a good vision of fashion, he loves Doctor Martens boots. and he always looked good, even tho he's wearing a Topman t-shirt, Nudie skinny jeans and Zara canvas sneakers.
bono, he's so silly and loyal to his friends. he would help his friends in every possible way even its so dangerous for him. that picture above is taken while me and my friends made a joke about him while his birthday. i remember every single moment we've been thru together. from the sad moment, silly moment, and happy. i never thought that everything that we've been thru together fight for our freedom from the pressure will be ended like this. this fall, when we go back to school i wont seeing neither of satya, bono and toto's face again..... thank u for all moments that we shared for this pas 4 years friends. i'll never EVER forget you.
love, Vo.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pouch Bag

as summer is right around the corner, we welcoming the neew trend that the designers had offer us. small bags. yeah its time to say goodbye to your giant bags and trade em to small bags. whether its an envelope bag, clutch bag or pouch bag. but i really am in love with a pouch bag!
honestly ive been toting an envelope clutch but its has a small space, so i was thinking bout a small bag but have a more space for my things. then i bumped into drawstring leather pouch, and fell in love. pics above are my favorites drawstring bag : the python sac is from The Row, VBH's is fab with studded python, Balenciaga with its classic metal details and Loewe in candy color. are you guys ready for this bag? i am!
wear it with a wide leg jumpsuit, sky-hi wedges, stacked bangles and sun hat.
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